19 Feb 2019
The City of Bryan has embarked on a proactive planning process in the Midtown area.

Beginning in November 2018, the City of Bryan began a collaborative project to define the direction for Midtown Area Plan, defined as the area between the boundaries of South Texas Avenue and Finfeather Road from the Bryan/College Station City limit line to the revitalized historic Downtown. As a part of the Midtown Plan Advisory Committee, as well as BCG being located within the boundaries of the focus area, I am intrigued by the project and very interested in the vision.

Personally, the revitalization and investment in the heart of Bryan is something I am passionate about. Since my childhood, I have witnessed a complete reversal of Downtown Bryan, which at that point was a boarded up and vacant shell of its former days. Today we see a bustling hub of business, culture and entertainment. Part of what makes Downtown Bryan special is the investment in restoring the history, the character of yesterday's architecture - it reminds me of simpler times. I imagine the days when my ancestors were living and working in and around Downtown.

As the vision for the Midtown Bryan project begins to unfold, I am encouraged to see the emphasis on Bryan's heritage, an architectural nod to yesterday - this will be the foundation for the aesthetic of the revitalized Midtown area. I also believe in the concept, bridging the gap between the University and Downtown Bryan by focusing on development in and around Travis B. Bryan Park. With fortitude, this area is ripe for a cultural shift, a metamorphosis into a charming, unique urban district within the great City of Bryan.

For more information on the redevelopment of the Midtown Area visit www.bryantx.gov/midtown.

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28 Jan 2019
Bryan Creative Group finds a new home in Bryan, Texas

Late in the summer of 2019 Bryan Creative Group uprooted operations in The Woodlands, Texas and relocated to a quaint little office in the heart of Bryan. In the months that followed BCG added two new team members, Grant Davis and Jon Ried.

Grant is an experienced graphic designer who spent several years sharpening his creative talent in foreign lands - returning to Bryan/College Station where he previously received a Visual Communications degree from Texas A&M University.

Jon Reid is a Computer Science major, currently in the process of wrapping up his degree, also from Texas A&M University. Jon hails from the Houston area, but has decided to call Bryan/College Station home after completing his coursework.

After being away for around 18 years, I am also happy to return to my roots. Owning and operating a business in Bryan, Texas has long been a personal aspiration, and I am excited to finally come home and rejoin this community, discover opportunities to serve, and establish new relationships and rekindle those from the past.

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